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Web3 based API/SDK for accessing DeFi Protocols

Access and connect to all the defi capabilities using a single API across both, EVM & Non-EVM, platforms

Smart contract development on EVM based Chains

Develop multiple smart contract on EVM compatible blockchains to support DeFi ecosystem

Smart Audit

Solidity smart contract auditing and gas optimisation using machine learning

NFT Wiki

Digitali is a free-content encyclopaedia written and maintained by a community of NFT owners and enthusiasts

Proposer Builder Separation and MEV

Research and implementation of the PBS and MEV Infrastructure directly integration with the builders in the ecosystem

EVM compatible blockchains

Implement an EVM compatible blockchain with the complete consensys infrastructure

Zero-Knowledge L2 rollup

SDK and libraries to build ZK L2 using Plonk and Groth16 cryptographic schemes

TON Blockchain Func Smart contract development

Research and build protocols on TON ecosystem using FunC

Research Project

Research on multiple projects in the ecosystem with an objective to understand the depth of the technologies

Machine Learning Classifiers

Multiple classifiers solving the use cases including documents and many other commodities

Custom CRM

Django based CRM to solve the multiple use cases

Stealth Projects

Versatile Stealth Projects Across Domains

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