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Proposer Builder Separation and MEV

Our project focuses on the research and implementation of Proposer Builder Separation (PBS) and Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) infrastructure, aiming to revolutionize blockchain ecosystems. This innovative venture involves direct integration with builders within the ecosystem.

At the core of our endeavour is the PBS system, a cutting-edge approach that separates the roles of block proposers and builders. This separation enhances network security and decentralization, mitigating the risks associated with MEV. By decentralizing the block-building process, we prevent centralization and monopolization of MEV opportunities, fostering a fairer environment for all participants.

Research and implementation of bots capable of :-
- Estimating price impact on Contant product and concentrated liquidity DEX
- Calculating amount to trade to achieve max profit in the trade
- MEV solutions on DeFi Protocols
- Flash Loan
- Arbitrage
- Flashbot integration with direct communication with the builders like resync-builder, beaverbuild, builder0x69 and many more.

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