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Smart Audit

Smart Audit project integrates advanced AI and ML technologies to revolutionize the auditing and optimization of smart contracts. At its core, this initiative is designed to enhance the efficiency and security of smart contracts, specifically by minimizing gas consumption – a critical factor in blockchain operations.

The process begins with meticulous data collection, leveraging sophisticated on-chain crawlers that delve deep into blockchain transactions and activities. This data forms the backbone of our analysis, providing rich, actionable insights. We then employ state-of-the-art annotation tools such as Mythrill and Slither, which meticulously analyse the smart contract code, identifying potential inefficiencies and vulnerabilities.

The heart of our project is the AI/ML model, meticulously crafted to predict and identify a range of defects commonly found in smart contracts. These include, but are not limited to :-
- Re-Entry
- Arithmetic Overflow and Underflow
- Self Destruct
- Unauthorized Access to Private Data
- Dangerous Delegatecall Use
- Phishing with tx.origin
- Block Timestamp Manipulation
- Signature Replay vulnerabilities.

By predicting these issues, our model not only flags potential security risks but also pinpoints areas where gas usage can be optimized.

Our solution is more than just an auditing tool; it’s a comprehensive smart contract efficiency enhancer. By reducing gas costs, we not only make smart contract deployment and execution more economical but also contribute to the overall health and scalability of the blockchain network. This is crucial for businesses that rely on blockchain technology, as it ensures both cost-effectiveness and robust security.

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