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What we do (Enterprise Blockchain Space):​

  • Building OTC platform on Canton network

  • Building Oracle on Canton network using DAML smart contract

Who we are:

  • Pack of 20+ blockchain engineers and growing

  • Experience ranging from 20+ years to fresh from college

  • Tools we use: NodeJS, TS, Web3, Solidity, Python Django, Rust, Golang, FunC, C++, etc...

Trusted by:

  • Developing web3 API/SDK to access EVM and non-EVM Defi protocols 

  • Ethereum Virtua Machine (EVM) based smart contract development

  • Simplifying off-chain infrastructure for EVM and non-EVM Node Deployment

  • Developing Proposer-builder separation (PBS) architecture and solutions

  • Researching MEV solutions on various Defi Protocols

  • Estimating price impact based on Uniswap v2 and v3 slippage and MEV

  • Developing solutions based on ERC-4337 (Account Abstraction)

  • Constructing Zero-Knowledge L2 rollup using Plonk and Groth16 cryptographic schemes

  • Building Trust with KZG Commitment

  • Researching  Stealth addresses with elliptic curve cryptography

  • Researching  on zkBased bridge solutions

  • TON Blockchain Func Smart contract development

And a few more stealth projects...

​Our primary objective is to leverage Defi-related and blockchain engineering-based research and development to solve real-life business use cases.

What we do (Public Blockchain Space):​

Integraate is a blockchain engineering and research-driven technology company

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