We Build Software from Start to Finish

Integraate offers enterprise application, custom software and hybrid software development services

Our multi-disciplinary software team produces commercially ready, purpose-built software that’s aligned to client’s strategy and ready to solve business problems.

Our Services

Blockchain Based Development
  • Smart contracts and Dapps development on Ethereum

  • Solidity based smart contracts

  • On chain and off chain integration

  • Persisting and retrieving data on IPFS

Hybrid Solution Development
  • Right mix of custom and OOB package solution

  • Best of OOB functionality with home grown tool

  • 3rd Party cloud integration

  • API development

Enterprise Application Development
  • Experienced team of CRM technologist

  • Expertise in Salesforce, ServiceNow and Oracle CRM

  • On Premise to On Cloud integration

Quality Assurance as a Service
  • Integration, Acceptance and Security as Functional Testing

  • Performance, Usability, Cross-platform and Load as Non Functional Testing

  • Regression, Build Verification and Sanity as Release Testing

AI Based Development
  • Converting AI into computer vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and NLP

  • Delivering AI models and neural networks

  • Data labeling and annotation

  • Basic training data preparation

Software Prototyping and MVP Development
  • Developing the realm of abstract requirements

  • Quick and simple POC development

  • The zygote of end product

  • Fully aligned POC with technology roadmap

Custom Software Development
  • Expert team of solution architects, programmers, QA and cloud engineers

  • Different agile approaches for continuous value delivery

  • Right mix of established & emerging technologies

CTO as a Service
  • Designing & maintaining quality technology products

  • Sustainable operations and process creation

  • Roadmap creation

  • Technology due diligence

  • Disruptive innovation

Technologies We Use

Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning
  • AI Based engine building

  • AI Model training

  • Transfer Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Tensor Flow

  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

  • NLP, KNN and SciPy etc

  • Solidity, Python and Node JS

  • Remix, Truffle Suite Ganche and MetaMask as IDE

  • Web3.JS for node interaction

  • Permission-less Blockchain using Ethereum

  • IPFS as Blockchain DB

  • NFT, tokens and coins

  • Bitcoin and ETH as Cryptocurrency

Full Stack
  • React, React Native and ReactXP

  • Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI

  • Python, Django, PHP, HTML5, CSS

  • Flask and Microservices

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Mongo DB

  • OAuth, JSON Web Token

  • NPM, Jenkins and GitHub

  • Docker, Kubernetes

  • Bug bounty

  • Solution scripting

  • ML based engine for cyber security

  • Loophole discovery using ethical hacking

  • Real Time fintech fraud solutions using ML

  • Salesforce, Force.com

  • APEX code, Workflow, Process Builder and VF Pages etc

  • Partner and Customer Communities modules

  • CRM business analysis

  • Oracle Siebel Full Technology Stack

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise

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